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The Principal Yards of PT. H&H Utama International are situated on 60,000 square metres property in Batakan Kecil, Balikpapan, some three kilometers from the International airport.

The main Steel Fabrication shop consists of some 2,500 square metres of fully covered and fully lighted space with 10 metre high working clearance and 5 overhead cranes each of 5,000 kilos capacity.

The secondary Fabrication Shop completed in Year 2004 is 1,000 square metres of covered work space which handles special and aluminium welding and is equipped with 3 overhead cranes also with 5,000 kilos capacity.

The fabrication process is supported by some 80 welding machines (Mig, Tig, submerged arc), 18 generators of various capacities, 20 compressors, 10 forklifts, 2 heavy duty plate rollers and 2 plasma profile cutting machines. The complex has an independent power station fully insulated which generates 1200 KVA. The Blast and Paint Shop is an enclosed facility.

The office building is some 1,000 square metres floor space housing Management, Drafting, Engineering, Purchasing, Personnel and Accounting departments.

The main Fully Enclosed Warehouse is approximately 1,500 square metres and contains racks and pallets sufficient to store all light portable machinery plus consumables and weather sensitive inventory.

The Machine Shop measures some 1,500 square metres and is fitted with numerous lathes, drilling, boring and milling machines. This bank of machines is supplemented by a further group of bending, plate cutting, honing and grinding machines.

Seafront Access. Directly across the road from the Principal Yards is a 13,000 square metres property which provides direct access to the bay for loading and unloading of fabricated units, general cargo and heavy equipment. There is a large open laydown or work area which runs right up to the piled sea wall. The major building in the yard is a modern two storey structure of approximately 2,500 square metres which houses the three H & H associate companies.”